the  masks

the masks

since the beginning of April I have been making  hundreds of cotton face masks for our brave Front line workers , especially Nurses  and essential Workers on the frontline , like delivery services , grocery stores clerks, police departments and caretakers . All these Masks have been donated  .

As my Main goal is still providing as many masks to our frontline workers as quick as I can fulfill the requests , I have also decided to sell some of the cotton masks to the public , as I have gotten  many requests . This took a lot of thinking and contemplating .

The money from these masks  will help to purchase more fabric and help with the shipping cost for my Donations .

As suggested  by health professionals , cotton masks should be worn by everyone when being outside or in contact with others . These Masks can  drastically reduce the spread of the corona virus . Our Masks are washable , so they can be reused . 

The masks are made of 100% cotton in 2 layers as suggested by the depart of health. 

These masks are not considered medical grade and are not proven to protect you from getting the  corona virus.

Please email me if you have any questions .

stay safe and healthy 

best Uli

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