Ready to Wear 2020

Ready to Wear 2020

This timeless  Signature dress Collection is  made for the modern women on the go , and showcases  my favorite  ready to wear, effortless chic dresses .

After moving to NYC  and opening my Studio I found myself in desperate need for the perfect every day dress . A Dress that is comfortable and chic from day to night ,  Monday to Sunday , in the City and on my Travels .

I wanted to create dresses that can be styled differently every day  , look chic , but effortless and are comfortable while working , running errands , meeting with clients , going to a after work event or having dinner with my husband or just looking good at home.

These Dresses are not fast fashion items .

I wanted to  assure to create classic chic dresses with a modern feel . Dresses that  are Key pieces in your wardrobe , that you won't get tiered of and you can wear for years to come . It is important for me to create pieces that you won't get tiered of and that don't end up in landfills like so many fast fashion items .

Fabric : All Dresses are made of a new technology lightweight  polyester , that moves and feel's like Silk , but is  durable and easy to care for .

Fit : All dresses are cut with an effortless ease to achieve a modern chic and timeless feel . And yes , all dresses have side seam pockets for your comfort and a relaxed feel .

















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