due the New York State of Emergency order our Studio will be closed until further notice and we won't be able to ship Orders.

Business Update due Corona Virus Pandemic

Dear Customers . 

Thank you for visiting our Site . We hope you and your Family are in good health and staying safe . Our thoughts are with everyone and together with the right actions we will weather this "storm". 

The health and safety of everyone is our highest priority.

We closed our Studio, as we are located in NYC and are complying with the state of emergency orders to do anything possible in our power to do our part.

Due to this closure, we will not be able to ship any orders at the moment.This is going to be a hard time for our small business, large businesses and every individual. 

What we are doing to help:

As we all know there is an immediate need for medical masks and gowns. We do have a small production facility in our NYC Studio consisting of my colleague and myself and we are ready. We have signed up with our Local government to help with the production of masks and gowns. 

Please stay well , healthy and positive 

Uli Herzner






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