How we Give back

As with many small businesses, I believe in giving back. 

As of now , for every $100 spent at, I will be donating one pack of sustainable, Bamboo, eco friendly, BELIEVE DIAPERS to U.S. families in need, which equals approximately a 1 week supply .  

Why diapers you may ask?

A few years ago my husband and I read an article about diaper need in the U.S . One out of 3 families struggle to afford Diapers and have to make the hard choice between food, other essentials or diapers . There are no national government  assistance programs that address  Diaper need. Not being able to afford Diapers has a rippling effect on parent and baby. Mothers feel that they can not provide for their child, which  often leads to postpartum depression and Babies suffering from painful diaper rush and other health issues , as they are left in soiled diapers . Parents are often trapped in a cycle of poverty  , as most day cares require a diaper supply , which can mean ,no diapers , no day care , no job .

Our Goal was to create a high performing, clean & environmentally friendly diaper, that is socially responsible with a  true 1 for 1 Donation program to tackle diaper need in the U.S.  In February of 2021, after 3 years in the making, we launched BELIEVE DIAPERS. A Diaper that is good for your Baby , good for the Planet and good for others .

Our diapers are donated  to U.S. families in need thru our partnership with the Baby to Baby Non profit Organization . Thru this Partnership all Diapers are being distributed throughout the U.S. to Families in Need .

To date in the 6 months since launch we have donated over 1.3 million diapers. 

That means , with our ONE for ONE donations  from Believe Diapers and the added donations from Uli Herzner , we will be donating more diapers then we will ever sell .

Because we believe that little by little and step by step we can make a difference. 

please read more about Believe Diapers and our Mission at BELIEVEDIAPERS.COM 





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